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Housing Loans

    What is loans?

  • loan is a specific amount borrowed from a financial institution which is to be paid back in full with interest.
  • The money is paid back in EMI or Equated Monthly Installments in addition to the interest.
  • The interest charges depends on the amount, type of loan & financial institutions.
  • Home Loan
    • Home loan as name suggest is the loan against buying property.
    • Every individual currently have dreams to have their own home.
    • To make affordable best option is home loan.
    • Again their are sub-categories of home loans which are as below.
    • Home loan for residents
    • Loans for repairs and extension
    • Land purchase loan
    • Top-up loans
    • Loan for Earnest Money Deposits (EMD)
    • Reverse Mortgage Loans
    • Loan against property
  • Personal Loan
    • It is the loan granted to fulfill your expenses which ranges from buying some expensive electronic gadgets to booking your air tickets.
  • Bank Name : HDFC Bank
  • Bank Name : SBI Bank Bank
  • Bank Name : HDFC Bank
  • Bank Name : ICICI Bank
  • Bank Name: AXIS Bank